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Why you should not use more filler per treatment

What is the maximum amount of dermal filler you can add in one session?

Do not use more than 1 ml of filler in the lips per treatment.

Safe Lip Filler Injection
Lip Filler

Here is why:

- There is a chance of inverting the wet-dry border

- There is a chance of vascular occlusion

- There is a chance of getting lumps.

And of course less is always better! Otherwise the aesthetic result might be very different from what you wanted.

Injection within the wetdry border is optional if more volume is desired. Unlike the conventional cannula technique, this new technique offers artistry in accentuating the cupid's bow and redrawing the lips. That is why the injector has to be experienced enough to perform this technique. When done right, the result is beautiful!

How do I know if I have vascular occlusion on my lips?

Blanching is the whitening of the skin due to a lack of blood flow and is usually the first indication vascular occlusion has occurred.

This can be easily avoided if you visit a well-known, trusted aesthetician with the good knowledge of anatomy and who performs a slow injection technique.

At Art of Injections, we use numerous techniques for lips augmentation. They are performed by Jennifer Abalan, R.N. Jen has been working as a registered nurse for more than 17 years. Her experience centers around patient care, which includes medical/surgical nursing, neuro intensive care & post anesthesia care.

In outpatient setting she has been performing injections based treatments for cosmetic patients. This includes therapies for dynamic wrinkles (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), dermal fillers & Sculptra used for volume loss in skin and deeper tissues.

If you are thinking about lips augmentation - schedule a free consultation with Jen. With Jen you will receive a high quality results with increased focus on the individual.

To know more about Jennifer Abalan, her philosophy and Art of Injections clinic and services, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Feel free to ask any questions via website’s online chat or send us an e-mail.

Lip Filler: Before/After Photo by Art of Injections
Art of Injection's Patient


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