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NEW You!

Starting this new year, we are offering new services and unique new packages, including a FULL FACE REJUVENATION IN JUST ONE VISIT! This individual package includes several procedures and injections tailored just for you, depending on your age, skin type and skin condition. Your individual rejuvenation package may include tox, sculptra, facial harmonization with hyaluronic acid fillers, face slimming, lip injection, and so on. Each package is individually tailored to each client during a free consultation with our injector Jennifer Abalan.

To make an appointment for the FULL FACE REJUVENATION, please call or text the phone number: 651-278-9578

Purple Epoxy

Assessment & Consultation


Botox Party. Art of Injections. Special offer

Host A BOTOX Party

We are offering Botox®/Dysport® parties in your home! Our certified RN and highly experienced injector Jennifer Abalan will come to you and your friends, making it easy, convenient and fun.

Just invite 5 or more friends who want Botox®/ Dysport® or Facial Filler injections, and we will coordinate the best day or evening that works for your schedule. Yes, including weekends!!

Gather your friends for a ladies night out, house warming party, bachelorette pre-party. No limit on how many guests can attend!

Call or text us at (651) 278-9578 or e-mail us

to schedule your Botox Party with your friends!

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